Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Surprise!

What am I going to be for Halloween, this year? The Phantom? Maybe Guran would be more appropriate ... Hmmm ... Maybe not. I think I'll be a ... Political Cartoonist !  Yeah, you heard me right, a Political Cartoonist! That's something I used to be, a long long time ago,  back in Italy, way before getting into animation and comics.

This time, however my cartoons won't appear on a newspaper, but on a website called MittFitts! : 'Toons for Romney, on Facebook,  on Twitter , and in syndication, on a slew of partner websites.
MittFitts! is an independent initiative, spearheaded by myself and blogger/activist Mike Sage (editor of America Needs Mitt and host of Mitt Romney Radio) to help elect Gov. Mitt Romney President of the United States.

Following is my Halloween cartoon. Go to  to see what else these misfits for Romney have come up with...

By the way, I think  I'll be a Political Cartoonist, even after Halloween. (But I'll still wear my Phantom costume underneath)