Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Congratulations to Eugenio!

Since my debut with Team Fantomen in 2007, Eugenio Mattozzi has been the color artist of all my Phantom covers. Thanks to Eugenio's talent and experience our covers have really come to life and have earned us the Best Fantomen Cover title in 2007 and 2008.
This month, (August 2009) Eugenio makes his first "Solo" appearance as the cover artist of The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks #4, published by Moonstone Books.
The cover illustration is one of two proposals, originally submitted by Eugenio, to a contest organized by Moonstone.
The second illustration should be appearing on another cover of the same series, in the near future.
Beside his work in comic books, Eugenio Mattozzi has been teaching Art in Jr. High School. He and his wife Kusum, and their two children live nearby Naples, Italy.


  1. Great work by Eugenio! This (and his other artwork submitted to Moonstone) should definetely be suited for Egmont's Fantomen aswell.

  2. Thanks for following and contributing to this blog, Andreas. I hope to read your comments, often.
    Eugenio Mattozzi continues to do a great work for Egmont as he enhances my cover illustrations with his masterful coloring. I also wish to see some of his solo art published in Scandinavia, soon.