Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jungle Drums From Italy

Just a few days ago, I was contacted by Giovanni P. Timpano, a fellow comic book artist from Rosignano, Italy. Giovanni is currently working on the eleventh issue of "The Phantom: Generations" for Moonstone Books. With his permission, I am posting below a sneak preview of pages 7 and 13 from that upcoming issue."The Phantom: Generations" # 11 will be on sale in January 2010.
Please, visit Gio's Corner for the latest news on all of Giovanni P. Timpano's current and upcoming projects.
P.S.: You might be interested in reading the follow-up comment to this post. In it, Mr. Timpano tells us a little more about the issue he's currently working on, and how he felt when he was asked to draw The Phantom.


  1. Thanks Sal !

    Wow, when Joe (Gentile, editor of Moonstone) after a couple of other books done for him, have asked me to draw a Phantom one I’m jumped from my chair !

    For first I was happy to work on a so famous character, before that I never worked on so popular heroes, just a couple of movie licensed works, Captain Action or Mr.T, but hey, The Phantom, is like to say Batman or Spiderman, and maybe more considering the history behind him.

    I was also happy ‘cause I had the chance to work with a good writer like Tony Bedard.

    He have made up a great story for the eleventh Phantom, a story that involve historical character during the American Revolutionary war like Francis “Swamp Fox” Marion, Banastre Tarlenton and also Shaka Zulu (Yes, that Shaka, but don’t ask me to tell you how it’s possible, you have tor read the book !).

    I really hope to turn back to work on The Phantom soon, ‘cause draw him was very amazing !


  2. Thank you very much for your comments, Giovanni.
    We'll all be looking forward to reading "Phantom: Generations" #11.
    By the way, there's another character we have in common: Mr.T (I actually worked on the animated series for Ruby-Spears, back in the 80s)

  3. We have in common also Mr.T ? Hey, one can be a coincidence, two make me think, hehehehe.
    Thanks to you for this space !