Thursday, October 15, 2009

Antonio Lemos

Here's a beautiful illustration of The Phantom painted by Frew's cover artist Antonio Lemos.
Antonio just e-mailed it to me, along with some images of his other works.
Antonio's  talents as a portrait artist and cartoonist are excellent. However, his control of the acrylic medium, in my opinion, is one of his strongest points.
I hope I'll be able to collaborate with this great artist, in the near future.
For more information on Antonio Lemos, I would suggest reading an interview published (at this link) by the Chronicle Chamber website.


  1. Hey Sal!
    Is this a Frew cover or just a painting?? Either way its beautiful!!

  2. I don't know. I'll ask Antonio when he gets back from his trip to Egypt.

  3. Thank you Sal for the opportunity to show my work to a bigger audience and be part of this great blog of yours. This was a private commission, not a Frew cover. And thank you germ for your kind words. Hope I could show you more pieces of my work in the not too distant future.