Friday, November 6, 2009

Johnny Hotwire Returns!

Here's a sneak peek at an illustration from the story I'm currently working on. What do you think?
(Click on the picture to enlarge)


  1. Nice work agreed! The bick is really nice, and I love the backround, very much looks like southern utah!

  2. Thanks, Anthony and Brad.
    The background looks like Southern Utah is Southern Utah! The script called for Johnny Hotwire to travel from the Eastern US towards California, so I couldn't resist th temptation of depicting him riding his Harley through my "back yard" ;-)

  3. Beautiful work, Sal. I rode through southern Utah myself recently (on the iron piggy, '04 Harley Road King :-) I was on the road for 12,550 miles, got back to Rhode Island on November 5 or thereabouts. It's nice to see that Ulf put the script in good hands. I hope you enjoyed working on it. All the best!
    Tony DePaul

  4. Thanks for visiting, Tony.
    I'd like to post a photo or two of you and your ride. They would go along very well with a preview of the cover for Fantomen # 6-2010 ("Johnny Hotwire: The Outlaw Days")
    How about that?

  5. You bet, Sal. Your e-mail address must be on this page somewhere. I'll find it and shoot a couple of pics over.

  6. The character of Johhny Hotwire previously was drawn by Hans Lindahl, nevertheless, and Hotwire de Velluto manages to come at a height of Lindahl's work.

    very best regards

  7. Thanks for your kind comments, Danko.