Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Preview: Fantomen 7-2010

In a previous post, I've shown a preview of  some of the interior art from "Johnny Hotwire: The Outlaw Days." (Fantomen n. 7 - 2010)  Today, I'm sharing with you a sneak-peek at the cover illustration of the same issue.
"The Outlaw Days" is the second installment of a 3 part story-arc, written by Tony DePaul and illustrated (in order) by César Spadari, myself, and Kari Leppänen.
The protagonist of these stories is not necessarily The Phantom riding his white stallion Hero, but Johnny Hotwire ( an alias of  Kit Walker ) riding his classic Harley-Davidson Knucklehead motorcycle across the USA.
The character of Johnny Hotwire, made his debut in the story "Johnny Hotwire Rides Again," which was voted Best Story of 1996,  by the readers of Fantomet, in Norway.
Writer Tony DePaul, who is himself a great motorcycle aficionado, scripted this latest story-arc, in August 2009, while riding his Harley, coast-to-coast. You can read a road report on this cross-country trek by clicking here. Below are two photos of Tony and his Iron Piggy during this epic road trip. You can read an interview with Tony DePaul by clicking here.
(Photo Courtesy of Tony DePaul - Click to enlarge)

An interesting follow-up to this entry has been posted by Swedish journalist Pidde  Andersson on his blog "Toppraffel." You can read it (in English, through the embedded translator) by clicking here.


  1. Holy crap, Sal! Now THAT'S one cool cover!!! Guess we have a candidate for Best Cover of 2010 here...

    1. Won in Norway and Second place in Sweden.

  2. I reckon that is nnnniiiiiccccceeeeee....
    Do you do cover signings by any chance??

    Looking forward to this coming in my mail box!!

  3. The Johnny Hotwire art looks great, Sal! I usually write up a road report after every long ride, just didn't get around to it this time. Recently I promised the local Harley dealer that I would. They want to send it out with their next newsletter. I'll send you the text when I finally scribble it and a link to the photos. All the best and thanks again!
    Tony DePaul

  4. I bought that Fantomen n. 7 - 2010 issue and I really loved the drawings, you are so talented Sal, the comic would not be the same without your skills.