Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mutation of a Cover [1 of 2]

Well, just when you thought the Evolution of a Cover saga (after 4 episodes - see previous posts) had come to an end... here comes a twist to the story... a mutation to the color scheme... which transformed mine and Antonio's illustration to... an upcoming Phantom cover... for Frew! What do you think? And what do you think the next mutation will be?
(Click on the image to enlarge)


  1. A few of us where just having this discussion a few days ago on why Frew doesnt use Egmonts covers more....

  2. Nice, this will be one of the best Frew covers!

    Regarding another mutation... what about Italian red? But with no Italian Phantom publication at the moment, where would it be published?

  3. How about a beard? "Hey, look! It's Hasse Lindahl!"
    ...Or a red beard. "No, it's not the pirate who founded the Jungle Patrol, can't you see it's Claes Reimerthi?"

  4. Wassup' Velluto? ;)

    Is the adjusted cover really going to be featured on one of the Frew publications?

    That would be great if it did, since in recent years they have really been skimping out on the covers, even tho apparently the paper is GOOD! It's even glossy...


    -Predabot ( aka Lars Johansson)

  5. To all:
    Thanks for the comments and feedback.
    To Predabot:
    Yes, it will be a Frew Cover. I don't know which issue, yet. It will possibly be a special issue.

  6. Asking at the risk of sounding like a bufoon: What's Frew??

  7. Bob,
    Frew is the company that publishes The Phantom in Australia and New Zealand.

  8. D'oh! I just saw the info in your bio on the top right