Thursday, July 7, 2016

[A&E] Prologue: “Jungle Drums”

Many Phantom stories begin with the sound of the Jungle drums.

This story starts about the same way, except the sound of the jungle drums resembled more the ring of my phone.

“Hello –tzzzz- this is-zzzz- Daniel Herman, publisher of Hermes-zzz- Press- zzzzz…”

The connection was pretty bad and the caller on the other side was talking fast.

Nonetheless, I was able to make up the gist of the conversation, since I had already known, for months, this call would eventually come and why.

It was a quiet February afternoon of 2014 but the chain reaction that would bring me to this point, started seven years before, at the time I first started drawing The Phantom.

NEXT : “Guardian Angels”

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