Friday, March 19, 2010

My First Phantom [2]

 I am pleased to present a series of short stories describing the first time we read The Phantom.
This second installment has been written by Phantom Super-Phan, Jermayn Parker . If you want to share the memories of your "First Phantom" with the readers of this blog, please contact me.

I was lucky enough to grow up in Australia where The Phantom is part of tradition, like sport and eating meat pies. My Step Dad used to have his collection of Phantoms that I used to grab and read without
him knowing. However my first ever story was Frew 1120, titled "The Set Up" by Lennart Moberg and Hans Linahl.

I was a young kid (about 12) on my way to a Mission/ Family Trip to Indonesia and we had to grab something to read on the plane so I grabbed the Phantom while my brother grabbed an Archie comic. The Phantom comic had more pages, was more exciting and it was like reading an action comic. I read it about 20 times on the flight and on the trip, so it came back with rips, tatty corners etc. As soon as we
got back, I then spent weeks of advance pocket money to get as many issues as possible.

I then discovered the Internet which turned into eBay and I became an addict. When I was at university (college), I would go without food so I could get the latest Phantom and every time I got some extra cash, I was straight on eBay or swapping comics with other phans around the world. 

To this day "The Set Up"is still one of my favourite stories.

Jermayn Parker is a married man who plays on the net as a freelance web designer, who blogs/ tweets for fun. However, his wife thinks he spends too much time on the Internet. 

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  1. This is a great idea! perhaps I'll send in my own story, though it is nowhere near as interesting as Germ's.

  2. Judging by the passion (for comics in general and for The Phantom in particular) that characterizes your writing, I DOUBT your story would be un-interesting. Besides, if you let me use that "Mysterios Vintage Photograph" for your profile, it would really be a cherry on the top.

  3. Sal: Flattery will get you everywhere! You've sold me. I'll write something up and e-mail it to you. And you can use that picture, but I have to warn you, I swiped it from the Museum Replicas, Ltd. catalog and doctored it for my blog.


  4. Thanks Sal for that.
    Sorry about not getting photos etc to you sooner, my company I was working for went bankrupt so ive been flat out trying to find a new job.

  5. Jermayn: Great story, BTW. I especially liked the part about reading the comic over and over on the plane. Makes me think of the car trips of my youth.